The Night I Almost Shut Down A Train Station!

This actually happened last night and was pretty embarrassing! Me and my friend Andy went on a mad one in London and got totally pissed- It was a great evening until I arrived back in Medway to discover I no longer had my suitcase! I told the transport police and they said to go back down to the train station in the this morning and check the lost property which I did.

I was so stressed on my way there because my laptop was in there along with all my make up and expensive hair straighteners plus a hard drive with all my content on….. I would have ended up having to fork out money that I didn’t have if the suitcase had gone!

Luckily it had been handed in…. Apparently the police found it wedged under a ticket machine looking very suspicious- So suspicious in fact that they almost shut down the entire train station because of it! They thought the way it was positioned made it look as though someone had tried to hide it- So they were basically saying they deemed it a potential terrorist threat!

The guy in lost property gave me a proper lecture about my little mishap and kept saying how my suitcase almost caused complete chaos as a bomb scare and how worried the police were! I was just trying not to laugh and was so so relieved to have it back although I have no idea how I managed to wedge it under the ticket machine!

Moral of the story: Don’t get wasted whilst in the company of  a suitcase. Especially at a train station.