The Real Story Behind 50 Shades Of Grey!

On the same day I did the pimps & hos Trollstation prank, we also decided to do a Valentine’s Day special to be released the day before the official 50 Shades Of Grey film. This took a daaaaaaaamn lotta guts as everything we did was full on in front of the public!

It was me and one of their male actors, Jarvo in the video and it was basically taking the piss out of the popular fetish novels. Firstly the camera guy, Digi filmed us (pretending to) get it on in the back of a taxi where the driver was not amused and thew us out! We then did some filming on the tube, which I will not spoil for you in case you are yet to watch the full prank but put it this way it was embarrassing and had most the commuters unfortunate enough to be sharing our carriage in stitches.

The icing on the cake though was what shit we caused to go down in John Lewis on Oxford Street… Again without giving it all away it involved some full on kink in the homeware section and a lot of questionable noises! It also resulted in me and Jarvo being escorted out of the store, singing and cheering merrily as we were thrown back out into the cold (And boy was it freezing that day). For some reason we were told not to ever come back. I guess the security at John Lewis do not have a sense of humour.

Anyhow it was the second half of an amazingly wacky day and I am proud to say that the 50 Shades Prank has had almost 100,000 views in the two weeks it has currently been up!

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