An Uneventful Trip To Windsor- Returning To Bracknell Part 2

This is the conclusion to part 1, obviously. On the second day of my weekend staying at my old house in Bracknell, Dave took me for a drive to Windsor. The last time I had been there was in March 2014 with my evil ex, who punched me in the stomach at a club then ditched me alone in the street at 4am, when I told him I didn’t want to spend any more money, whilst also accusing me of “shagging Spiderman” (Yes, really- Spiderman). Dave knew I had bad memories of that place, so wanted to help me to create some new ones!

It was a lovely day- We went for a walk around the river and through the park. enjoyed fish and chips in the sun and had a look round the shops. It was a pleasant, non eventful, in no way mental afternoon. We took lots of photos and had a good laugh, although by the time we left, I think Dave was feeling bad that he hadn’t provided me with the level of sheer insanity and peculiar bursts of outrage that I was used to on a day out in the summer! I told him I was disappointed that our day was so sane and normal…… No one got punched, arrested or accused of having an affair with a fictional comic book character. Neither of us experienced an insane range of emotions just from walking through the park, and best of all, I now have memories of Windsor that don’t involve any of the above! A day out well worth having if ever there was one.

That night we went back to a few different pubs- However we avoided “The Goose”, because as anyone who drinks in Bracknell will know, that’s where some of the more “special” members of society go to indulge theirĀ drinking habits…… I’m not for one second proclaiming that everyone who goes in there is a whackjob, however on the several occasions that I have previously attempted to enjoy a pint of Strongbow and some Jagerbombs in that establishment, there has usually been a fight/arrest/drugged up bloke screaming about Jesus whilst walking and clucking, hardcore chicken style.

I was so sad when I left on Monday morning with the knowledge that I would probably never set burglar (foot) in that house again, that I actually cried! I took loads of photos and inhaled my last breath of that weird & wonderful scent combination of chlorine mixed with the fragrant odour of cat shit. That weekend really was the end of an era- and what a fucking crazy era it was! So many parties, photo/film shoots, get togethers and downright madness took place in that house! I actually feel a strong wave of nostalgia sweeping over me as I conclude this blog posting- In the best possible way as my memories of the place areĀ 99% amazing. I know I will be returning to Bracknell to see ol’ Tubzy again soon when he moves into his new home and I can’t wait…. I’m sure many new funny memories will be created! Also…….. how swish does my hair look in this accompanying photo??? #Hashtag if you know then you fucking know mate!!