Pygmy Hedgehog Uk Madness Part 1- Suzie’s Snuggle Sack And More……..

Ok I have left my domestic abuse saga up for long enough now- It is time to return to posts about stupid shit, and it doesn’t get a lot weirder than this mental page I found on Facebook for hedgehog owners in Europe! Basically, one of my friends has an African Pygmy Hedgehog that is quite possibly one of the most adorable animals I have ever laid eyes on…. I really wanted to get one but as they are a kind of “specialty” pet, I wanted to make sure that I would be able to give it the right care etc, so I innocently decided to join a few groups on Facebook to see what advice others had to offer on the cute, spiky pets.

I started receiving ridiculous amounts of notifications almost straight away, and it would always be a photo of a cage or some kind of weird beetle or worm. I posted in the group asking for advice on how someone who travels a lot could make sure their pet is properly cared for. Within in about 10 minutes the post had received over 30 comments from people arguing amoung themselves over whether or not I should get a hog- It wasn’t just a debate though, it was a full blown slanging match between owners! I was in a cafe when it all kicked off and their row got so heated that my phone battery drained completely from receiving so many notifications! When I got home I had a look at the thread, and it was literally a bunch of people insulting each other….. And their hedgehogs!! I had never seen anything like this shit before. I removed the thread eventually as after being informed 20+ times how Suzie from The Cotswolds once used the wrong bedding in her Snuggle Sack, I decided that if this was how obsessive and mental these spiky mammals can turn their “hoomans” (Another “hoggie” term I’d learnt within a few hours of joining that group) then I wasn’t sure I did want to get one after all!

I think the photos of their hedgehogs that people post are so cute to look at though, that I decided to stay a member of the group and just turn off notifications, as I do have a lot going on in my life, meaning that being informed every time someone’s new pet “huffs” or “clinks” at them for the first time is not really top of my priority list.

It gets increasingly weirder in part 2 however. Dum dum duuuuuuuuuuuuuum…………