My Impromptu Comic Con Signing Debut!!

I just wanted to share the wonderful and very unexpected experience I had at this year’s London Film & Comic Con! As many people know, throughout my time in the adult industry I won/was nominated for, many awards both in the uk and overseas, therefore attended a lot of award shows/general parties where “fans” of the industry would often attend where possible, to get photos/dvds etc signed by their favourite models and performers. I am not sure why exactly, as it is only until very recently that I began actually not hating seeing photos/videos of myself, but I would often be bombarded with people wanting photos with me, and for me to sign items!¬†(I write “fans” in such a way, as I have never seen myself as any form of influential figure, who would qualify to have a fan base- I genuinely, even after a long time, find it a very difficult concept to get my head around). I am not going to even attempt to lie and say I always found the experience to be an enjoyable one, as I think I may have gained a reputation (In fact, I am pretty sure) for being a bit unfriendly towards “fans”, which I apologise for- I honestly found it all to be very overwhelming and also a bit unpredictable, as I found some of the people to be a bit over zealous and awkward at times! I will say though, out of the many I did meet, most of them were lovely, and I very much appreciate this! ūüôā

Anyhow, enough about the past!! I have been to almost all the Comic Cons that are put on in London since 2016, and have just recently been to the July 2019 one in Kensington. I loved it so much, as I got to meet Christina Ricci (Wednesday Addams) and catch up with people I haven’t seen for a while! The best part for me though, was when a guy came up to me with a folder containing screen shots he had taken from my scenes in Game Of Thrones Season 4, and also a regular head shot of myself (From the era of me hating all photos of myself, but I’ll let the good sir off)! He said he follows me on Twitter and knows I usually attend every Comic Con, so had printed the photos in the hope he would see me, and that I would sign them for him!! I have NEVER been approached like this at a mainstream convention before, and still can’t quite believe that someone would take the time to print out photos of me, to display next to autographs and photos of actual, genuine famous celebrities! It was a very surreal experience, and made me feel really happy, as I’d been having a stressful week, plus it clearly made the man very pleased also, as he was smiling and seemed quite excited!

I also really appreciated¬†that¬†he was so respectful and polite, referring to me by my real name of Emma, as opposed to the alias he would have known me as¬†previously¬†from my time in the adult industry! I find¬†the majority of¬†my “fans” are really respectful, and seem genuinely happy that I am now leading a life that is far healthier both mentally and physically for me. There are a select few fans of the adult biz who¬†seem¬†to have gone from really supporting me when I¬†was involved¬†in it, to now somewhat disliking me, which confused me at first, until my friend pointed out that it is more than likely because they¬†are annoyed¬†they¬†won’t be¬†able to see any new pornographic material of me!¬†Seems a bit silly, as if they really were “fans” then surely they would want me to be happy regardless, but each to their own, and I am so very grateful to the wonderful people who have supported me from the beginning of my career through to now- those real vintage splodgers! ūüėÄ

This will probably be a one- off experience, but it was an awesome one nonetheless, and I now have even more lovely memories of Comic Cons because of it! Oh, and yes I was genuinely so excited and proud of the moment, that I made sure to get a photo taken of it!!