New Home- New Beginnings!

Well I have finally done it- I have moved to a gorgeous one bedroom apartment in West Sussex! It took me so long to be able to finally move, what with the financial wreckage I was in and my poor emotional state. However all that is in the past now as I finally have landed!¬†I LOVE my new home town especially as I live pretty much in the centre and have many shops, restaurants and pubs/bars practically on my doorstep…… Plus a bowling alley, cinema and health club just down the road!

The first night I moved in myself and model Eva Johnson (Who I was delighted to discover lives just round the corner in the next town) went out for some food and a few drinks followed by more wine in my flat. I could hardly believe it when I woke up the next day and I was in my usual bed, but in my perfect apartment!

The neighbours seem reasonably normal too (No stoners, hippies, crazy cat ladies etc) although I am now barred from my two local pubs (That comes under a different blog though….) I joined the health club on my 2nd day and spent the evening in the jacuzzi and steam room to recover from the previous night’s events.

I think I will be really happy here as I have several friends who live close by, in particular Eva who I have lots of plans for the new year with! I already feel a million times better than when I lived in Gillingham- I have only had a couple of panic attacks and my mood is generally just better, as I have no bad memories here, or any memories at all for that matter as I had never been to this town before, until the day I viewed the flat….. I just know that myself and my friends are going to create so many awesome ones! I have already had several people over and they all love the place… A couple have said that being here feels like being on holiday, with one even going so far as to say that being in my flat/area feels like being in Magaluf!!

Here’s to many more happy memories and funny stories here in West Sussex! (The photo to go with this post is of me and Eva….. Go follow her on Twitter¬†